Be Sensible and Attend Social Guidance Sunday’s “Animal Sense”

Those of us at the Libraries’ Moving Image Archive know the feeling, the past few summer months saw your unbridled sense of freedom, your unabashed delight as you frolicked free from classrooms and quizzes. But now school is back in session and you’ve got to tame your wild spirit. Well fret not, the first Social Guidance … Continue reading

The “Mother Church of Media”: The IU Audio-Visual Center and Martha Harsanyi

After 42 years of working for Indiana University, Martha Harsanyi, the Media Collections Manager for Media and Reserve Services at the Wells library is retiring this month.  My discussions with Martha have not only been vital for my academic research but have also inspired a series of future blog entries that will include topics such … Continue reading

Preservation Update

The 10 month effort to move Indiana University’s 70,000+ film holdings to the climate-controlled Auxiliary Library Facility has been completed. The constant temperature and humidity of 50 degrees and 30% RH will extend the life of the films an additional 283 years. All of the films were tested for vinegar syndrome, inventoried and rehoused prior … Continue reading

Film Preservation Grant Awarded

The Indiana University Libraries Film Archive has been awarded a National Film Preservation Foundation grant to save three of director John Ford’s home movies.  The films to be preserved include Mexico with John Wayne and Henry Fonda; 1948 Car Trip From Monterey Mexico to Durango with Ford, Wayne, and Ward Bond; and 1941 Mazatlan, Mexico … Continue reading

New collection acquired: 12,000 educational 16mm films were recently donated to the Indiana University Libraries Film Archive from Lane Education Service District. The films consist of a collection of films that were acquired from a disbanded Oregon University consortium and consists of theatrical releases including some silent films and titles from the 50s and early … Continue reading